Human Resources and Training Services

We know that your company is only as good as the quality of education and training your workforce receives. Great training can reduce workplace conflict, transform managers into leaders, prepare employees for disasters, and improve employee retention.  That’s why we employ the absolute best instructional design practices when constructing our training programs.

Our training programs help improve the likelihood of adult learner retention by:

  • Fostering classroom communication among participants
  • Having peers teach peers
  • Avoiding PowerPoint presentations
  • Engaging in role-playing scenarios
  • Conveying a clear objective in the most time-efficient manner possible
  • Treating training participants like the competent professionals they are

Contact us now [956.400.8080] to learn more about the following course options:

Leadership: What is your style?

Course Description: The leadership course is ideal for new managers looking to define themselves as leaders within your organization.  This course focuses on building meaningful and appropriate relationships with peers and subordinates, defining one’s personality traits, and understanding the continuum of leadership styles as they apply to workplace goals.  This course also helps new managers identify common causes of employee burnout and addresses the the importance of a work/life balance to alleviate burnout.

Conflict Negotiation and Resolution

Course Description: Conflict is necessary for work to progress.  How one defines conflict determines if one will perceive the outcome of conflict as positive or negative.  This course helps leaders in the workplace understand common sources of conflict and focus on positive conflict resolution through small group communication techniques and body language control.

Sexual Harassment Awareness

Course Description: This course will build an employee’s understanding of sexual harassment and the impact sexual harassment has on the workplace.  During this course participants will learn and review common terms associated with sexual harassment including but not limited to: disparate treatment, disparate impact, hostile environment, assault, and discrimination.  This course also covers social media use and how it may constitute sexual harassment, even outside the workplace.

Active Shooter Survival

Course Description: Built on the response and recommendations of state and national law enforcement standards to an active shooter in the workplace, this course covers basic responses by employees during such an event that may increase the likelihood of survival.  This course covers tactical considerations for office spaces, light and noise discipline, when to run, hide, or fight, and an overview of what to expect when police respond. If your organization has an Active Shooter Survival plan, your team will revise it during this course.  If your organization does not have an Active Shooter Survival plan, your team will create one during this course.