Who Am I? A Family History Rediscovered

By: Bill Morris
Chief Executive Officer
The Meurig Group, LLC

Hobbled by age, he trudged to the table in the middle of the room.  In his hands he held nearly two decades of research about who he believed his family was or could be.  He strained his eyes over his bifocals as he began to quietly thumb through the pages of the tattered binders inscribed with the names of his grandchildren.

“You think you could help me find someone?”

He spoke mostly as an afterthought while he read the stories and legends of the family members he only knew through spoken tales from generations past.  “I’m stuck at my great-great grandfather.”

So it began. The task at hand was to discover as much about an old man’s legacy as one could possibly know.  There would be no great prize, no promise of notoriety at the conclusion of this case; just simple answers to the simple question: Who am I? 

The Meurig Group team of investigators set to work.  They combed through thousands of records spanning hundreds of years, five countries, and two continents.  What they found was astounding, credible, and accurate beyond the elderly man’s expectations, and they did so in hours, not years.

In fifteen hours to be exact, The Meurig Group, LLC’s team of licensed private investigators verified some information in the data found in the binders presented by the man, debunked erroneous facts, and offered definitive conclusions to the whereabouts, occupations, and military service of the man’s family in America, Mexico, Canada, France, and Germany.  The small team of investigators worked tirelessly to establish a timeline of family members and events dating back to 1537.

simple questions quoteHow did the team of investigators accomplish so much in so little time?  By holding true to the scientific method, avoiding investigator bias, and using only records that could be verified by more than anecdote.

With tears in his eyes, the old man sat across from the lead investigator and held in trembling hands proof that his family fought in the French and Indian Wars, The American Revolution and founded the great city of Saint Louis before travelling to the Rio Grande Valley during the mid-1800’s to help build and live in Matamoros, Harlingen, Laredo and most of Zapata County.

The Meurig Group’s team offered more answers to a man in need of history than any previous research group in the last twenty years.  Imagine what they can do for you.


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