cropped-cropped-redlogo-e14944452034201.pngHiring is hard. We make it easy. Our job is to make sure the candidate you’re about to trust with your company has a background congruent with everything you have learned about him or her throughout the hiring process.  We sift through local, state, federal civil and criminal databases, contact former employers, education institutions, and interview references so you can focus on what your company does best; business.

Need I-9 verification, or e-Verify assistance? We do that too.  Do you need help with leadership training, sexual harassment awareness training, active shooter response training, or conflict negotiation and resolution training? We have built world-class training programs based on real-world experience in school districts, law firms, police departments, and the federal government. In short, we bring ready-made, modular human resources training solutions to your small business so you can train your team without having to stop your business.

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“Their diligence in finding difficult answers was most impressive and the results were more than satisfactory. I got the answers I was looking for in a timely fashion and my case was handled with great professionalism.” – Facebook Client Review

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The Meurig Group, LLC is a licensed private investigator firm specializing in pre-employment background investigations and human resources consulting.  The Meurig Group, LLC is located in McAllen, Texas, serving the greater Rio Grande Valley.